Cellular Therapy

Cell therapy is mainly based on the potential shown by our own cells, able to speed up wound healing and to remodel injured tissues when properly used. The use of autologous cells that involves the extraction and reinjection of these cells imposes a strict aseptic material and that is why one of the first requirement should be a completely closed system design with a delivery in a double sterile package, avoiding any risk of external contamination.



A simplified kit

Benefiting from our experience in the field, the ACCESS kit was developed with the aim of simplifying and improving the ease of handling, without neglecting the safety requirement. This system is the result of extensive consultation with researchers and users in cell therapy regarding their needs and expectations.

Precise Tool

Techniques and protocols of cell therapies are currently expanding. Numerous studies indicate that promising results they can offer. But the obstacles to their interest are also numerous and chief among these is the difficulty in comparing the results between them.

The ACCESS Kit is the only system on the market that allows to collect a specific fraction reproducibly and provides the possibility of measurement and thus comparison results.

A versatile kit

Ideally suited for use in cellular therapies because of the ability to collect the concentrated fractions of any kind, the ACCESS kit is the only available system which can be implemented, according to appropriate protocols, for obtaining platelets, stem cells rich fractions from bone marrow or adipose tissue concentrates.

The Gate to Autologous Cellular Therapies

The interest shown by health professionals, cell therapy experts and the existing collaborations with the best specialists in this field, biologists, pharmacists, surgeons or responsible for regulatory affairs are tangible evidence that the ACCESS kit is one of the tools that will lead the way and lay the foundations of future therapeutic protocols, made on scientific grounds, related to cellular therapies.