Connect Membrane is a resorbable membrane based on proprietary technology and represents the ‘new generation’ of resorbable membranes. Connect Resorbable Membrane is derived from an original extraction process and offers excellent handling properties. Its adaptability to different bone geometries simplifies the surgical act.

Connect Membrane is a cross-linked collagen membrane that combines resorption control and flexibility.

Connect Membrane ensures a barrier function for a minimum of 3 months in order to prevent connective or epithelial cells from colonizing the surgical site during the healing period.




Connect Resorbable Membrane is a highly purified natural collagen product. A process of viral and bacterian inactivation is part of the process of extraction and purification. The natural collagen structure of Connect Membrane optimizes soft tissue attachment.

  • Flexible and adaptable to varying bone topographies
  • Great tissue adherence
  • Conservation of the fibrous structure (mechanical strength)
  • Cell occlusive
  • Easy to cut to size, shape and apply
  • No need to tack or suture the material – Incredibly tear resistant


        15 X 25 mm

        15 X 20 mm

        *Contact for all available sizes