Connect Xeno is made from BSE free approved Australian Bovine bone. Organic portion (fat,protein,etc) has been completely removed through multiple steps of delicate maneuvering and cleansing without any addition of chemicals throughout the whole process.

Connect Xeno is proudly introduced to the dental society as natural anorganic material with no single trace of protein, no allergic reaction.

Every products are packaged as completely sterilized condition by Gamma radiation.

Shelf life Connect Xeno is 5 years.

Connect Xeno shows excellent biocompatible nature with multiple cancellous structure human bone, even under 5,000* microscope, resulting in osteoblast movement on the surface·, stimulation of new bone formation and growth.



Bone regeneraiton and agumentation

  • Alveolar ridge defect
  • Extraction defect
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Periodontal defect

Sizes /Volumes


Connect Xeno 0.25g        0.6cc     0.5-1.2mm

Connect Xeno 0.5g          1.2cc     0.5-1.2mm

Connect Xeno 1.0g          2.3cc     0.5-1.2mm

Connect Xeno 2.0g          4.5cc     0.5-1.2mm

        *Contact for all available sizes